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Thick Washer set


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Pivot washers CNC machined and hand finished from solid phosphor bronze. These are intended to replace cage bearings of the same same.

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  • One set equals two washers


    ID OD Thickness
    0.189" 0.370" 0.0625"
    4.8mm 9.398mm 1.587mm

      Customer Reviews

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      Alfredo Gutierrez
      This is the way. Thick washers for the CKF Evo 3.0

      I was about to sell my new Evo 3.0 due the ridiculous guillotine action. Every single time the knife was trying to chop my thumb off when closing. Now is other knife. IMO this is the way for this knife. The action is silky smooth; zero blade play. After the thick washers swap the Evo 3.0 won’t go anywhere out of my collection.

      Makes a Koenig Even Better

      It always confused me how the Arius was designed as a work knife, but came with such small bearings. These thick washers add significantly more blade support, and still had an incredible action.

      Chris Leal
      Skiff Washers

      I put some Skiff washers in a Koenig Arius and a Bull Shamwari 3.5”. Both turned out great. Made great knives even better.


      I’ve been putting these in everything. Mac 2 3.5 and Chaves 229 are like totally different knives now. Both have that rock solid hydraulic action you get in a CRK but still smooth enough to flip. These mean less cleanings!

      James Bodin
      My thoughts (koenig gen 4 aruis)

      They fit good but I've been really working the action every day and it just seems to not want to get drop shutty. I think it's due to the bearing race having a mark on the washer like another reviewer has said or It could just be that the arius doesn't like washers. Either way, they fit but unless you want good action don't buy them for the arius. It doesn't even shake shut when tightened to a solid lock up. i have to manual close it still after 2 weeks, I'm still working it though and will update if anything changes.