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Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I order a knife?
A: We have order lists for all of our knives and we take all orders through email at Please send us an email and we will respond with all the information needed to get your spot. 

Q: Which bearing fits this knife?
A: Unfortunately, there are way too many knives out there for me to know or keep track of which bearings will fit which knives. The only way to know for sure is to measure the bearing pockets and pivot pin then compare to the measurements listed for each bearing.

Q: Can you make custom sized bearings?
A: I do make custom bearings but there are many factors that determine the minimum order quantity and pricing. Please contact me for more details.

Q: What if my knife has a bearing race in the handle or blade?
A: Bearing races allow the bearing balls to sit deeper in the bearing pocket while not needing to make the overall floor of the pocket deeper. Putting in bearings that are not made to match the specific bearing race of the knife can result in damage to the knife. None of the bearings that we make are made with a specific bearing race diameter in mind.