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Thick Washer set - Pivot:5mm<br>Thickness:1/16"

Thick Washer set - Pivot:5mm<br>Thickness:1/16"

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Pivot washers CNC machined and hand finished from solid phosphor bronze. These are intended to replace cage bearings of the same same.

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  • One set equals two washers


    ID OD Thickness
    0.200" 0.370" 0.0625"
    5.08mm 9.398mm 1.587mm

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      Bearing Compatibility

      The below knives have been found to work with this bearing.
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Lenny Freilich
      Too Thick

      They were just a few thousands too

      Miles Juelfs
      Works on QSP titanium handle

      Works on QSP titanium handle standard size penguin. The Kaviso exclusive penguin has cutouts for 5mm 1/16” but they use 5mm 3/64” bearings so they can put a steel washer between the bearings and the handle to keep from wearing grooves. The 5mm 1/16 fits perfectly and the action is no different from bearings. Just use good pivot oil or grease.

      Not compatible with CJRB Pyrite or Pyrite XL

      Just FYI if you are here considering replacing the bearings in your CJRB Pyrite with washers, It does not work. These are not advertised as being compatible with a Pyrite, but for $5 I figured I would give it a shot, since I was also ordering new bearings anyway. They fit in the place where the bearings go, but when you put the knife back together you will either have a lot of blade play or a terribly centered blade. Just a heads up to anyone who is thinking of trying the same thing!

      John Marks
      Civivi Sokoke

      I put these in my Civivi Sokoke to make it a better “work” knife, and they are fantastic! No worries about dust and dirt in bearings, and it made the action very smooth, similar to my TRM Neutron 2. Highly recommended!

      Dylan Coetzee
      hello i really need a pair of these are they going to be back in stock soon

      hello wondering if you could plz notify me when theses are back in stock