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Thick Washer set


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Pivot washers CNC machined and hand finished from solid phosphor bronze. These are intended to replace cage bearings of the same same.

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  • One set equals two washers


    ID OD Thickness
    0.200" 0.370" 0.0625"
    5.08mm 9.398mm 1.587mm

      Customer Reviews

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      Dylan Coetzee
      hello i really need a pair of these are they going to be back in stock soon

      hello wondering if you could plz notify me when theses are back in stock

      Travis Bingham
      Get the washers!!

      So these are great cause they save your fingers from those heavy blade drop shut bearing actions, my Paysan an GM5 both have such great actions an are super smooth, i also tried them in my biblio an they need some tinkering to get that marriage of perfect centering an great action i know i will come.

      Michael Perez
      Stiff Setivian 103

      These washers made what was a decent but side playable blade into a rock solid knife. The opening action is almost as quick as it was, the closing is almost elevator drop shutty a little tweak and should be good. Given break in time for the washers they should get better with time.

      I also used your ceramic double bearings in my Pet Fish Bunta whoo hoo made an already awesome knife, an amazing knife that's all I've got to say

      This is steal. Amazing thing to upgrade your knife on bearings.

      These washers fit well for a lot of knives and have a really precise sizes. I am very thankful for such an upgrade.
      Made my ZT 0900, ZT 0920, Spyderco Amalgam and GiantMouse Ace Grand to be much more secure stirdy.

      David Whitaker
      Not the right fit. My fault.

      I like the washers, but I didn’t realize that my GM Ace grand has bearing races that have a recessed track for the balls. The balls are 1/16. But with a recessed track it makes the washers too thick because they ride on top of the race. My fault for not checking my knife first.