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Thick Washer set - Pivot: 1/4 <br>Thickness: 1mm

Thick Washer set - Pivot: 1/4 <br>Thickness: 1mm

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Pivot washers CNC machined and hand finished from solid phosphor bronze. These are intended to replace cage bearings of the same same.

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  • One set equals two washers


    ID OD Disc
    0.252" 0.383" 0.0394"
    6.40mm 9.73mm 1.0mm

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      Bearing Compatibility

      The below knives have been found to work with this bearing.
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      I stock everything Skiff makes Bearings and Thick Washers their always great in every knife ive used them in. I recommend them to everyone !!

      Make them bigger

      I bought these for my Demko AD20.5. They are well made and were a perfect fit in the knife. The overall diameter is slightly less than the stock bearing washers, though. And that's my only complaint, really. There's plenty of space in the knife to double the surface area on these washers. I bought them to make the knife even more solid feeling, but with the overall diameter being so small, my knife has just the slightest side-to-side play that I can't get rid of without overtightening the pivot. The thickness and pivot hole size should stay as they are, but I think the surface area could be doubled by increasing the diameter. Thanks for the quality product and fast shipping.

      Nicholas Sasso

      Great action. Blade falls shut. Didn’t like the way my knife was deploying before I swapped out the bearings for the thick washers.

      Bryan A

      Thick Washer set - Pivot: 1/4 <br>Thickness: 1mm

      Aron Bine
      2 sets fits og ti scales for ad20

      Made action much better I don't like crazy drop shut knives without flipper tabs so it's awesome to be able to change