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Prototype Bit Holder
3d Printed (2 pack)


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** No hex bits are included **

Assemble and disassemble knives with free spinning pivots with confidence.

This 3d printed prototype bit holder fits between your fingers and allows you to hold the knife securely while loosening or tightening screws on a free spinning pivot. 

A magnet at the bottom of the holder keeps your hex bits from falling out.

These prototypes are made from PLA, which is biodegradable, and are pretty tough. I have tested them with screws that were "locktited" together and they held up well. They are not indestructible and will break if crushed or bent harshly. Since these are 3d printed they can have artifacts or defects in the surface finish but these do not take away from the utility of the bit holder.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Dixon
Bit Holder

Needs a way to put it on a key ring or a lanyard

Dallon Heim
Exactly What I Didn't Realize I Needed

I have seen pivot tools floating around, little keychains made from Ti priced to the moon and back. I saw the usefullness, but the price always made me say "maybe another time". These 3d printed bit holders are not only (extremely) affordable, they are much more durable than I had expected, and the magnetic bit retention is almost unnessecary because of how clean the bits fit into the holder. There is no wobble, and even if there were, you can get some extra stability with your fingers, or a little extra torque for some heavy threadlocker if you need it.
I keep a T6 and T8 in there almost exclusively, but I have swapped them out when I needed something else, because having a little t humb turn bit holder is honestly really handy in more situations than I realized. The bits are retained very well, like I mentioned earlier, which makes them slightly harder than you would expect to remove, but that is not too hard to where I need to grab something to pull them out, because the option to nudge them out from the shank rather than the bit head, or both if you need it, is very handy.

3D Printed Bit Holder - Yes!

This is a simple but, oh so effective tool that I've needed for a while now. I can imagine that a lot of folks have done the "hold the knife between the knees" trick while using two bit drivers to try and undo a non-captured pivot or set of body screws on a knife. This totally eliminates having to do that. And it's so darn clever and simple. Way to go guys! I have a couple of Twosun knives that don't have captured pivots and the 1/4" Twosun Pivot Tool sold by White Mountain Knives fits into the 3D Printed Bit Holder and makes undoing a rotating/stuck pivot really easy now since I can hold the Pivot tool and the knife in one hand while yusing a single bit driver to undue the #8 Torx Pivot screw. WooHoo! Also works great to undue a pair of rotating #6 or #8 body screws too. No more "between the kness". Absolutely great tool at a great price, and you get two! Awesome.

Handy helper

Works great. Glad I purchased it. Ty.

John Marshall
Brilliant idea and works great!

The bit holder is a brilliant idea and works great for those free spinning pivots and spacers. Inexpensive but so handy and saves a lot of time and trouble. Would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone!