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Thick Washer set


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Pivot washers CNC machined and hand finished from solid phosphor bronze. These are intended to replace cage bearings of the same same.

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  • One set equals two washers


    ID OD Thickness
    0.252" 0.420" 0.0625"
    6.4mm 10.668mm 1.587mm

      Customer Reviews

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      Andrew Welsh
      Smoother, nicer action than the Triway factory bearings!

      I installed these thick washers in my Triway Eklipse Bowie. The bearings are fine, but I bought this knife to wail on, use for skinning, so I wanted washers and I was glad to see an option that was a single part rather than the 2-piece steel/phosphor bronze from the Triway.

      Anyway, these things are as smooth as glass. The blade feels so solid. The action is a dream and you won't be disappointed after they break in.

      Kevin M
      Amazing tolerances

      Bought these for my Hinderer XM-18 3" as I didn't like the idea of running the steel spacers that it comes with. These came in fast and fit perfect. I took some calipers to them and they all measured exactly 0.0625" (ordered 2 sets). I measured the stock Hinderer spacers and washers and they all had a variance. Highly recommend these! Going to be order bearings soon because of how well these washers were made.

      Buy them, make your knife happy.

      Put these in my Rosie and they are amazing!!!!

      Joe H
      If the question is "Bearings to washers?" the answer is "Skiff thicks."

      Put these on my XM-18 because it's a dusty-environment work knife and the fit and action is stellar. Beats the triway filler/washer by a mile; the triway parts were too stiff when adjusted for zero bladeplay, and the action uneven - it was smooth when almost closed, while very stiff when near the open position. Couldn't even flip open. The skiff thick washers made the blade centered, have zero wiggle all while having a glassy shake-shut action. Flipper fires it out smoothly. So if you want to convert a bearing pivot to a washer one, this is the thing to get.


      Perfect fit and finish! Everything that comes out of the Skiff Workshop is incredible!