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Ceramic Bearings: 1/16 in (13 ball)">

Cage Bearings
Pivot: 1/4"
Ceramic Bearings: 1/16 in (13 ball)


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The new bearing compatibility list is now live, check it out here!

Cage bearings that allow more balls to be placed around the knife pivot than standard cage bearings. Which provides more support for the blade and decreasing stress on each ball. The ceramic balls are captured in the disc but are still free floating to prevent binding.

Includes Grade 5 ceramic bearings pre-installed.

  • 22% increased blade support over caged bearings of same size
  • Improved ball pathing around pivot
  • Less pivot screw tightening required
  • CNC machined from solid phosphor bronze


ID OD Disc Ball
0.252" 0.420" 0.050" 0.0625"
6.4mm 10.668mm 1.27mm 1.587mm


Ordering details

  • One set equals two individual cage bearings

Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Solid build

Excellent craftsmanship. Impressive solid and smooth feel.

Mr. De La Cruz 559
Skiff Bearings are the Real Deal!

I highly recommend using Skiff Bearings for your knives! Superior to SS bearings in every way. Ceramic bearings are self lubricating and skiff offers more bearings contacting the blade which equals more lateral stability. The smooth buttery action that these skiff bearings bring is something that needs to be experienced. Highly highly recommend!


Fast shipping, great service, and a great product.

Steven Troutman
Great bearings!

The caged bearings were more robust than the factory bearings and the ceramic will last forever. These feel a bit smoother but ultimately, more stable due to better distribution across the blade and scales. I highly recommend these if you want the best setup. My SOC J Cape was not a consistent ringer and now it is, if that matters to anyone considering these.

InstaGram- @collection_pics_2022
awesome replacement bearings for xm18 and most of the full sized twosun knives

These replacement bearings are ideal and awesome addition to xm18 and twosun knives. i’ve used skiff bearings on many of my folding knives and the improvements range from subtle to noticeably better.

the triway system is not bad on the xm18 knives but these sets will bring the action to that often sought after hydraulic feel to the action.

It’s the same sentiment for the twosun knives. although the twosun knives are built using ceramic ball bearings, the system is caged in a flex-prone polymer material.

the added benefit of using skiff bearings is the rigidity provided by the solid pb cage, and a knife using these bearings can be easily centered and does not require over tightening of the pivot to prevent blade play.

again these bearings are superb products for all of us knufe enthusiasts !!