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Ceramic Bearings: 1/16 in (14 ball)">

Cage Bearings
Pivot: 3/16"
Ceramic Bearings: 1/16 in (14 ball)


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Cage bearings that allow more balls to be placed around the knife pivot than standard cage bearings. Which provides more support for the blade and decreasing stress on each ball. The ceramic balls are captured in the disc but are still free floating to prevent binding.

Includes Grade 5 ceramic bearings pre-installed.

  • 22% increased blade support over caged bearings of same size
  • Improved ball pathing around pivot
  • Less pivot screw tightening required
  • CNC machined from solid phosphor bronze


ID OD Disc Ball
0.189" 0.432" 0.050" 0.0625"
4.8mm 10.973mm 1.27mm 1.587mm


Ordering details

  • One set equals two individual cage bearings

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
mike davvocato (meattballll)
Love skiff

Great bearings

alfred b. gibbs

have not used them yet.

Eric Bucher
Awsome must have bearings

If you own a knife with bearing you must get some skiffs for it ,it’s a must for the best action for your folder ! Hands down the best 👍

Craig Williams
Best upgrade in the knife game

SBD Evo Typhoon went from great to outstanding with these bearings. Worth every penny!

Matthew Hubert
Great Bearings

These bearings replaced the factory one on my knife and made it feel totally different. Really a top notch product. You can see and feel the higher quality of the Skiff bearings. All of my Hinderer’s now run Skiff bearings. My Evo Typhoon feels better as well.