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Cage Bearings - Pivot: 5mm<br>Ceramic Bearings: 1mm (16 ball)

Cage Bearings - Pivot: 5mm<br>Ceramic Bearings: 1mm (16 ball)

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The new bearing compatibility list is now live, check it out here!

Cage bearings that allow more balls to be placed around the knife pivot than standard cage bearings. Which provides more support for the blade and decreasing stress on each ball. The ceramic balls are captured in the disc but are still free floating to prevent binding.

Includes Grade 5 ceramic bearings pre-installed.

  • Increased blade support over caged bearings of same size
  • Improved ball pathing around pivot
  • Less pivot screw tightening required
  • CNC machined from solid phosphor bronze


ID OD Disc Ball
0.201" 0.300" 0.030" 0.0393"
5.10mm 7.62mm 0.76mm 1mm

Ordering details

  • One set equals two individual cage bearings
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nico Baumann
Awesome Quality!

Best quality for knife bearings!

So smoooooth

The 5mm pivot, 1mm, 16 ball bearings just made a good knife great. I put these on my WE Culex Button Lock and it came out awesome. I Skiff most of my fav knives and will continue to do so, just a great upgrade.

Damon Nilsson
Great Product!

I went ahead and bought these bearings for every knife I own Skiff Workshop makes them for. Highly recommend, even with knifes that have great actions these bearing make the action noticeably better. best $$ spent!

Scott W
Perfect Fit for the Pete’s Pirate Knife Flipper

I made lots of measurements of the existing, kind of cheap looking, bearings in the Pete’s Pirate Knife flipper and determined this bearing would be the closest match. The bearings installed easily and work perfectly in this rare, heavy duty titanium flipper. Hopefully you can add this to your compatibility list so others can buy with confidence without all the measurements and guesswork.

David Z
Very smooth

Works perfectly. I picked up 4 different sets and they are all amazing