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Thick Washer set


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Pivot washers CNC machined and hand finished from solid phosphor bronze. These are intended to replace cage bearings of the same same.

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  • One set equals two washers


    ID OD Thickness
    0.238" 0.420" 0.0625"
    6mm 10.668mm 1.587mm

      Customer Reviews

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      Christo Matha
      Incredibly Different Knife CKF EVO 3.0

      While I’m a fan of the multi-row bearing system, I felt a knife like the EVO 3.0 needed to feel like a knife able to withstand the rigors of hard use field exercises or shine inside a combat zone. With the swapping out of the MRBS for these thick 6MM, PB Washers; this knife now feels like an oversized, CRK cleaver. I am BEYOND impressed with the new action. Now understand, everyone has their own style and preferences, but IMO the Skiff PB Washers turn this oversized knife into a piece that feels much more capable and insanely versatile. This transition may not suit everyone, as it’s all subjective; but this exactly fits my many certitudes.

      Alfredo Gutierrez
      This is the way. Thick washers for the CKF Evo 3.0

      I was about to sell my new Evo 3.0 due the ridiculous guillotine action. Every single time the knife was trying to chop my thumb off when closing. Now is other knife. IMO this is the way for this knife. The action is silky smooth; zero blade play. After the thick washers swap the Evo 3.0 won’t go anywhere out of my collection.

      Perfect fit + solid 👍

      Bought these for one of 2 x Civivi Bullmastiff folders - other one has 13 ball Skiff cage bearings. Precise fitment, solidly made, *complete* satisfaction. Action obvz slower than with bearings but the increased lateral stiffness is apparent and happy that it offers grit resistance. Top quality, good value. 10 days from order to arrival in UK is fine. Would perhaps have been good to get an "item on its way" shipping email? Recommended.

      Andrew Hale
      A successful experiment!

      I ordered these washers along with the 6mm, 1/16 in (18 ball) caged bearings for my Rotten Designs Evo 3.0. The washers work so well I didn’t even try the bearings (which I’m sure are also great, I’m using skiffs on all my other knives).

      Max Tikander
      Evo 3.0

      I grabbed both the bearings & washers for my Evo 3.0. The bearings were such a transformation I never bothered to try the washers. Maybe down the road I will, but for now I'm not messing with this action! Skiffs best bearings in the game.