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Nano-Oil Lubricant Weight:85 (for Thick Washers)


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This oil works best when used with Thick Washers.

Nano-Oil micro oiler with stainless tip.
Item: NLNA85W8cc
Weight: 85

"Metal to Metal Anti Friction Lubricant, No PTFE or Moly"

"Magnetically induced Molecule is 0.09 micron, Adheres to Sub-Microscopic Metal Crevices Providing an Extremely low-Friction Dynamic Contact"

Customer Reviews

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Sir Rifaie
Nano oil and Washer bearings

Hi there Skiff..
Its the Sunday, 27 of November. Status of the package im supposed to received still have not arrived. Ive come to accept the bitter truth that the delivery process might have gone wrong. Otherwise, i believe by now, I should've received it. :(

Im not seeking for a refund but I hope Skiff workshop can consider resending just the washer bearings will be much appreciated. Because I was really looking forward to change my knife's copper washer to Skiff bearings.

Thank you for your time, consideration and I apologise for any inconvenience.