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knife pivot lube

KPL Knife Pivot Lube Ultralight - 10ml

KPL Knife Pivot Lube Ultralight - 10ml

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KPL (Knife Pivot Lube) Knife Oil keeps dirt, metal particles, and grit "in suspension" so they don't cause grinding and premature wear. KPL actually cleans your pivot as you use it. 

It is compatible with ball bearings, bronze washers, Teflon washers, IKBS, MRBS, nylon (nylatron), G10, micarta, titanium, and metals. Keeps detent tracks and locking mechanisms smooth. Prevents lock-stick. Allows for lightning-fast deployment - silky smooth action - bank-vault lockup.

This 10mL bottle includes a needle applicator. Made in the USA

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Bearing Compatibility

The below knives have been found to work with this bearing.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chris M
Awesome oil

Lightweight, great for bearing flippers.

Evin Ngo

Parts came super fast, as expected, nothing better than when its straight to the point