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Cage Bearings - Sample Pack 1/16" bearings

Cage Bearings - Sample Pack 1/16" bearings

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This sample pack contains 3 sets of bearings. These 3 sets are the most popular and commonly used bearings. A 3D printed display case is also included.

One set of each of the below sizes is included:





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    Bearing Compatibility

    The below knives have been found to work with this bearing.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Doug S.
    5mm 1/16 11 ball bearings

    Did the swap in 2 of my knives and am happy with the outcome, will use again . Thank You Skiff !!!


    quality products fast shipping

    Jason Frantz
    Sceptical but convinced

    I have watched YouTube videos and reviews on knives for years. Randomly hearing about Skiffs being installed. It's not that I didn't believe it, it was just one of those "when I get around to trying it" types of things. Well, I wish i would have got around to it way earlier. These things are the real deal. Not naming the maker but I bought a 3K$+ knife from a famous maker and it was amazing. The blade fell shut but slowed to a stop about 3/4 from close, just a little shake would close it. I decided to try these Skiffs I've heard about for years. It is now hands down my favorite knife I own. It just falls shut now, smooth, controlled. I was instantly convinced this product was a action game-changer. Had to order for the Arius and a bunch of other knives I own. Buy them now.

    jessy casey
    Smooth as butttaaaa

    These things are like putting a big block in your Miata. The way the blade rockets out makes you think Elon Musk made em. I’ll put them in every knife I own!

    Jake @CanadianCuttingEdge
    Get a taste and you'll be back for more.

    The price is low enough even for those budget knives you love but just don't open and close smoothly enough. But don't get me wrong, these are not budget bearings, not by a long shot, these are the best bearings I have. All in a Made in USA product.