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Cage Bearings
Pivot: 6mm
Ceramic Bearings: 1/16 in (18 ball)


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The new bearing compatibility list is now live, check it out here!

Cage bearings that allow more balls to be placed around the knife pivot than standard cage bearings. Which provides more support for the blade and decreasing stress on each ball. The ceramic balls are captured in the disc but are still free floating to prevent binding.

Includes Grade 5 ceramic bearings pre-installed.

  • 22% increased blade support over caged bearings of same size
  • Improved ball pathing around pivot
  • Less pivot screw tightening required
  • CNC machined from solid phosphor bronze


ID OD Disc Ball
0.238" 0.492" 0.050" 0.0625"
6.04mm 12.50mm 1.27mm 1.59mm


Ordering details

  • One set equals two individual cage bearings

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Scott H
Waiting on the knife to install these

Haven’t installed these 6MM-1/16-18 ball yet, waiting on the knife to arrive from overseas. However I did install skiff’s into my TwoSun Ts177 Maverick, same size as all the other 2suns except the TS313.
Also installed skiffs in my Peña mini D and Lannys clip, 5mm- 1/16 11 ball in 2 SOC mini J-capes. The list goes on and on.
Hands down, Skiffs are the best aftermarket bearings on the market! Weather it makes the action a little smoother. Or just adds a little extra lateral stability to the blade on your folding knives… Skiffs are well worth the $10-13 dollar investment for a lifetime of improved performance on your knives!

Daniel Patterson
Best bearings period

6mm fit my CKF Evo 2.0 perfect and made the action feel even better.

Glenn Freitag
Awesome product

I bought a couple sets of bearings for my knives, and these are great! Smooth. I will slowly replace the bearings or washers in my knives with Skiff bearings. Thank you!

Jeff Tang
Top notch

Bought like 10 skiff so far. Consistent production quality.

Petru Ursu

Just awesome :)